These look EXACTLY like the real thing! After my mastectomies, when I didn't look and feel like "me" anymore, these sent my self confidence through the roof! Available in 3 sizes and 4 colors, so you can replace what the good Lord gave you, or create a new YOU!

  • Hand-made silicone fake nipples by special FX artists - Realistically detailed with a natural feeling texture.
  • Skin-Safe and ready to wear - Each pair of false nipples can be applied with a light film of adhesive, included with your order. Wash and reuse with the included adhesive remove for multiple wears.
  • Removable piercing included - Perks come pierced with a set of nipple rings included. Easily remove the piercing for a natural look, or add your own nipple ring.
  • Storage tin included - Store your prosthetic nipples safely inside the included storage container.
  • Spice up any costume or any outfit - Proform Perks come in multiple sizes for men and women.
  • Perfect for post mastectomy, over tattoos for a 3-D effect, halloween costumes, theater, nights out, or any time you want to look and feel like you again!
  • Available pierced or unpierced- I recommend pierced because you then have the option of removing the included barbells (almost invisible hole) or being playful and wearing one or both. Your choice.
  • Choose Your Size and Color


    Small: 1.75" Diameter Areola Diamater, 0.5" Nipple Diameter, 0.24" Projection

    Medium: 1.9" Areola Diameter, 0.6" Nipple Diameter, 0.34" Projection

    Large: 2.125" Areola Diameter, 0.7" Nipple Diameter, 0.41" Projection


    Color is largely a personal preference. For a natural appearance, consider a color that's close to your real nipples. Of course, many people find lighter or darker nipples to be more attractive.

DressTech Proforms Perks Prosthetic Silicone Nipples