My Story


SO ANYWAY... Last October, middle of the pandemic, I go and get a mammogram...

and then I got my breast cancer diagnosis.

Chemo, double mastectomy, reconstruction, immunotherapy, all the usual suspects.

After my reconstruction at the blessed hands of Dr. S. Darrell Lee, Port Saint Lucie, FL-

(look him up, he works miracles!)

I stood in front of the mirror, staring at these new aliens who had taken up residence inside of my body, and I saw two smooth bumps. Sure, they had weight. The were perky. They were THERE!

But something was off, they were missing something.


So I started my quest to find the perfect nipples.

Tattooing could fix the one-dimensional visual problem,

but not the "FEEL EFFECT". Not the "PROJECTION EFFECT".

I searched the web for prosthetic nipples. I ordered I don't know how many  pairs

and they were all HORRIBLE!

Too pink, too brown, too shiny, too gummy, too damn BIG!!

I want to look like a WOMAN, not a HEIFER!!

And then I found DressTech Proform Perks.

I ordered a pair. They arrived...I opened the box...


I held in my hands the answer to my prayers!

AND when I tried them for the first time, I cried.

They stay on forEVER! Until you take them off! Even when I went snorkeling on vacay, they stayed put under my bathing suit! Dr. Lee and his staff were so impressed that they started telling their other patients about the nipples.

Women were texting me, asking how they could get themselves

a pair of these little miracles.

It was then that I realized that I had to help get these nipples onto the boobs of


who, like me, wants to look and feel as close to their former selves as possible.


SO get a pair already! Try them!


I'm confident that they will change your life the way they have changed mine!